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Divorce Document Process Servers
in Sacramento, CA

Do you need to serve your spouse with divorce papers in Sacramento, CA? If so, then rely on Process Server Today for quality serving divorce paper services. We can ensure that your spouse receives them to satisfy the service process so divorce proceedings can start.

What Documents Do We Serve?

The divorce papers we serve all include the important documents you file in court. We can provide both the completed and blank forms that you need to serve.

This includes the petition, which asks for a divorce through the court, along with documents regarding marital property and debt division, child custody and visitation rights, and spousal support. It also includes a summons that allows your spouse to know a divorce is happening and how long they have to respond. These papers also include the court that will make the divorce decisions and information on how your spouse can respond.

Additionally, besides the initial forms, we will serve any supplementary documents, such as a notice of hearing, that you file in court.

How Do We Serve the Divorce Papers?

We will hand-deliver them in person to ensure that they are served. Whether or not your spouse accepts them, we provide a proof of service form. That way, you have proof that the divorce papers were delivered. And no matter what happens, we’ll ensure that all relevant people get a copy and all forms have a signature.

When Do We Serve the Divorce Papers?

We serve them anytime in the 60-day period after you file for divorce. Just let us know when you want us to serve them. We will deliver them on the day you choose. We include multiple attempts if the first delivery attempt is not successful.

Why Choose Us for Your Divorce Serving Needs?

We know that the divorce process can feel overwhelming and stressful. We make it as quick, easy, and convenient as possible. That means quick serving times, prompt paperwork filing, and experienced knowledge of many divorce serving situations.

If you need qualified divorce document process servers in Sacramento, CA, call (916) 237-5142 .

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