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Additional Defendant

At Process Server Today, we understand that legal disputes can involve multiple parties, and the addition of a defendant can make the legal process more complex. Our team of experienced process servers is dedicated to providing prompt and professional service to ensure that all parties are served correctly.

Fast and Reliable Service


Knowledgeable in Serving Multiple Defendants

Our team of process servers has extensive experience in serving multiple defendants in complex legal disputes. We understand the unique challenges that arise when serving an additional defendant and have the knowledge and skills to navigate the process successfully.

We understand the importance of serving all parties involved in a legal dispute, and we work diligently to ensure that every step is taken to serve the additional defendant correctly.

Dedicated to Finding and Serving Additional Defendants

Locating an additional defendant can be challenging, but our team is dedicated to finding and serving them. We use the latest technology and investigative techniques to locate the additional defendant and serve them promptly and accurately.

We are committed to providing professional and ethical service at all times. We adhere to the highest standards of conduct and are dedicated to ensuring that all parties involved in a legal dispute are served correctly and efficiently.


Rush Process Service

1st Attempt within 24 Hours. Includes Up to 3 Attempts.

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Court Filing Service

Court Runner, Mailing, or E-filing Documents

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